Monday, January 25, 2016

This is one of my hot water heating systems
Hi folks, I'm Robby and people tell me I know a lot of crap about a lot of crap.

I've decided to start putting some of it down in writing in case I go nuts or loose my mind or something.

I began with home improvement articles on sites like Infobarrel and the old Yahoo Voices, before they rudely shut that latter site down.

I then moved on to publishing self help books for home owners to help them work on their own hot water heating systems.

My next endeavor was to publish a simple line of no frill cookbooks without all the hoopla. Just books that will tell you how to make the dam food and leave out the opinion and fluff.

All of this online work has proven to be fruitful but it could be a lot better. I plan on expanding all of the avenues above.

This blog will be here, with me rambling about my success and also the failures that will inevitably come as well,

If you'd like to follow along I'll be offering many free e-books and links to free home improvement articles. As well as the e-books I sell to eat, pay rent and stay alive.

Well thanks for your time and I  hope you'll follow me and come on back, I'll be here ramblin.

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Thanks;       Robby

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